What is Feed-in-Tariff?

What is the Role of Northern Ontario Wires Inc.?

How to Apply

MicroFIT (10 kW or less)


 What is Feed-in-Tariff?

 Ontario’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program is North America’s first comprehensive pricing structure for renewable electricity production. It offers stable prices under long-term contracts for energy generated from renewable sources, including:

·         Biomass

·         Biogas

·         Landfill gas

·         On-shore and off-shore wind

·         Solar photovoltaic (PV)

·         Water power

By encouraging the development of renewable energy in Ontario, the FIT Program will help Ontario phase out coal-fired electricity generation by 2014 – the largest climate change initiative in North America.

The FIT Program was enabled by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009 which was passed into law on May 14, 2009. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is responsible for implementing the program. It is responsible for the program rules, contracts, registration, application and contracting processes and ongoing contract management activities.

The program is divided into two streams – FIT and MicroFIT. The FIT Program is designed for renewable energy projects that can generate more than 10 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. Very small projects, at a home or small business that can generate 10 kW or less qualify under the MicroFIT Program.


What is the Role of Northern Ontario Wires Inc.?

Northern Ontario Wires and other Ontario local distribution companies are accountable for delivering electricity from the high-voltage transmission system to homes, businesses and public institutions within its service area. In the FIT Program, NOW Inc. is responsible for connecting both FIT and MicroFIT projects to the distribution system. NOW Inc. will assess and approve the connection of renewable energy projects to the low-voltage distribution system. We will also help projects complete their system connection.

How to Apply

Participants must register with the OPA, find the right equipment supplier to install the project and then connect their project through NOW Inc. To get more information on how to connect your project to NOW’s distribution system please visit the Ontario Power Authority’s website as follows: 





MicroFIT (10 kW or less)

The MicroFIT program is designed for renewable projects that can generate 10 kilowatts (kW) of electricity or less.

If you are a homeowner or small business owner, you have the opportunity to develop a very small or “micro” renewable electricity generation project (10 kilowatts or less in size) on your property. Under the MicroFIT Program, you will be paid a guaranteed, premium price for all the electricity you project produces for at least 20 years.


Once you’ve selected a renewable energy technology and developed a project plans, signing up for the MicroFIT program is straightforward. There is minimal paperwork and there’s no application fee.


Listed below are the steps that need to be carried out to ensure timely connection of renewable micro-generation projects to NOW Inc.’s distribution system. 


Initial Contact

Customer submits Application to Connect – MicroFIT and Single Line Diagram.


Provision of Information

The customer must ensure compliance with the OPA rules and with Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) guidelines. NOW Inc. reviews the Single Line Diagram to ensure compliance with NOW’s safe utility practices and provides connection details to the customer.


Generator Develops Plan

Customer reviews information obtained from NOW Inc. and ESA and develops installation plan.

MicroFIT Contract

Customer must apply with the OPA for a MicroFIT contract.


Offer to Connect

Once NOW Inc. reviews and approves a Single Line Diagram, the customer will be given an Offer to Connect.



Customer proceeds with project implementation.


Authorization to Connect

Customer is responsible for arranging and receiving Authorization to Connect from ESA.


Connection Agreement

Once all of the required customer work and approvals are completed, a MicroFIT Connection Agreement will be signed by the customer and NOW Inc.


Commissioning and Verification

NOW Inc. may inspect generation facility at any time.



Once the ESA’s Authorization to Connect is received, NOW Inc. will proceed with completing the connection of generation facility to NOW’s distribution system.





Application to Connect – MicroFIT

Sample Single Line Diagram

Sample Offer to Connect – MicroFIT

Sample Connection Agreement – MicroFIT

Authorization to Connect – Link to ESA


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