Power Projects

Here are some great projects that will teach you about electricity and energy.

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Turbine Power Grade 4-8
Circuit Testing Grade 5-8
Potato Battery Grade 5-10
Fruity Batteries Grade 6-8
Light Bulb Brightness Grade 6-8
One Way Current Flow Grade 6-8
Current Events Grade 6-9
Conductors and Insulators Grade 7-9
A Liquid Battery Grade 7-9
Making a Light bulb Grade 7-9
Electronic Switching Grade 8-10
Current and Voltage Measurements Grade 8-10
Steam Turbine Grade 8-10
Make Your Own Electricity Grade 9-11
Transformer Grade 9-12
Galvanometer Grade 9-12
Flywheel Grade 9-12
Lead-Acid Battery Grade 9-12

Adult supervision is required at all times while performing these experiments.
Be safety conscious!
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