In 1999, Bill 35 required all Municipal Electrical Utilities to become corporations under the Ontario Business Corporation Act. As a result, the following companies amalgamated to form

                               Northern Ontario Wires Inc.

1. The Cochrane Public Utilities Commission (Electric Department), which served the Town of Cochrane since 1921. The Cochrane PUC also provided telephone, water and sewer services.

2. The Iroquois Falls Hydro Electric Commission, which served the Town of Iroquois Falls since 1986, where it took over hydro distribution from Abitibi Price and Ontario Hydro.

3. The Kapuskasing Public Utilities Commission, which served the Town of Kapuskasing since 1952.

Thus, as a Local Distribution Company (LDC), Northern Ontario Wires Inc. owns and operates the electricity infrastructure, distributing a safe and reliable supply of power to homes and businesses within these three communities. NOW Inc. currently serves over 6000 customers and maintains approximately 27 km of distribution line infrastructure.

The Corporation of the Town of Cochrane is the single Shareholder of the corporation and appoints Board Members, as required.
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