Your Northern Ontario Wires Bill

Sometimes your bill is higher than you expected. The following is a checklist of items that may have contributed to any irregularities:
  • Time of year (cold/hot weather, holidays, lighted decorations). Incandescent Christmas lights left on night and day will impact your bill. Think of changing to Seasonal LED lights. Also, extreme weather will activate your furnace/ air conditioner more often.
  • Time spent at home (if more than usual).
  • Did you have company (extra hot water, lighting, etc.)?
  • Have you installed a new appliance (i.e. air conditioner, humidifier, electric blanket etc.)?
  • Do you have old appliances still in use (refrigerators and freezers over 10 years old)?
  • Do you have a new swimming pool or hot tub? These use up a lot of energy.
  • Do you have poor insulation in your home? This would make your furnace run more often.
  • Are you leaving lights, computers or video games on? Personal computers are responsible for the largest phantom power use in your household. Ensure it is plugged into a power bar that can be turned off.
  • Have you recently changed your heating/ cooling methods?
  • Are electric radiators turned off or down? If you are leaving for an extended period of time, ensure that your radiators are turned off.

For more information on how to save energy, visit Conservation Tips.

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